Midwife Mentors



As a department we have decided to add a new piece to the Members Area of the website. It is a list of members of the department who are willing to mentors to other members who struggle with staff interaction at the hospital.

The midwife mentors are members of the department who are willing to provide support to other members who are frustrated or confused regarding interactions or conflict with hospital staff.
The midwife members could be contacted during the day to be a sounding board and to help the member in question to come up with tactics to resolve the situation diplomatically.
The willing midwives are listed below:
MidwifeContact Info
Uta Herold250-507-1331
Luba Lyons Richardson250-995-9007
Lorna McRae250-508-8890
Kim Millar Lewis250-217-9341
Jill Pearman250-882-8729
Maggie Ramsey1-250-413-8427
Valerie Simmonsviewroyalmidwifery@yahoo.com
Beth Smit250-580-4595
Deanna Wildeman250-995-5165
Heather Wood250-516-9010