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To discuss if having a midwife is right for you, talk to one of our Registered Midwives.

Who We Are

Registered Midwives are free for all BC residents who have a BC care card.  Midwives are primary care providers for healthy women during normal, low-risk pregnancy, childbirth, and for around six weeks after birth for both you and your newborn.  We provide safe, comprehensive, individualized care based on the principles of informed choice.
Registered Midwives are extensively trained and integrated into the BC health care system.

  • We work collaboratively with doctors, nurses and other health professionals, as needed, to provide you with excellent care.
  • Midwives are on call for you 24 hours a day, seven days per week.
  • We work in hospitals, clinics, and homes across BC.
  • Registered Midwives support pregnancy and birth as a normal part of a woman’s life.

What we offer

We offer regular prenatal clinic visits with time to discuss important issues and answer your questions.  Midwives order and interpret all tests and ultrasounds.  Registered Midwives offer a range of choices and options to clients.  This includes the option of home or hospital birth for low-risk women, and a variety of comfort measures in labour ranging from the most natural pain relief measures, up to access to epidural analgesia when indicated.  We attend laboring women throughout their labour and deliver their babies. We are breastfeeding experts, providing in-house support after your baby is born.  Midwives continue to care for both mothers and babies until about six weeks after the delivery.

Research shows that Registered Midwives have lower rates of cesarean section and reduced rates of all medical interventions. Because of all the above reasons, midwifery care is very popular. We currently deliver about 1 in 3 babies in Greater Victoria.  Women are advised to seek midwifery care early in their pregnancies. Due to consumer demand exceeding the supply of midwives available, midwives cannot always provide care to all women who wish to have a midwife. To discuss whether midwifery is right for you, or to find a Registered Midwife, please contact any of the midwives in our directory.

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