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Directory of Midwives

To find a midwife in Victoria, contact any of the Victoria and area clinics (listed below) directly. Midwifery care is very popular in British Columbia. Women are advised to seek midwifery care early in their pregnancies. Due to consumer demand currently exceeding the supply of midwives available, midwives cannot always provide care to all women who wish to have a midwife.

The Midwives Collective

Address: #107 – 1120 Yates Street, Victoria, BC V8V 3M9
Phone: 250-590-7605,
Fax: 250-483-3826
E-mail: info@themidwivescollective.ca
Website: www.themidwivescollective.ca
Midwives: Jill Pearman, Ilana Stanger-Ross, Andrea Dykstra, Chloe Dayman, Heather Nelson, Kelsey Christofi, Ali Macrae-Miller, Maheen Maryam, Maha Maryam-Killoran, Sarah Atkinson, Meg Loop
Serving: Victoria and area

Arbutus Midwives

NEW Address: 112-2800 Bryn Maur Rd, Victoria BC V9B 3T4
NEW Phone: 250-900-3770
Fax: 250-984-8145
E-mail: info@arbutusmidwives.com
Website: www.arbutusmidwives.com
Midwives: Lyanne Quirt, Beth Smit, Astrid Fritzsche, Sarah Jane Steele, Rowan Kennedy-Macdonald, Raven Thunderstorm
Serving: Langford, Colwood, and area

Birth Partnership Midwives of Victoria

Address: 186 Werra Road V9B 1NN4
Not currently accepting new clients/patients
E-mail: info@birthpartnershipvictoria.com
Website:  www.birthpartnershipvictoria.com
Midwife: Jane Baker, RM
Serving: Victoria and area

Full Circle Perinatal Care
MJ Harris & Dr W. Kim MacDonald
101-1964 Fort Street, Victoria, BC
Tel: 250-800-5437
Fax: 250-592-0579
** Interdisciplinary Practice, Not Accepting Primary Care Patients, Referral-Based Only **
Cook Street Community Midwives

Address: 101 – 1005 Cook Street, Victoria, BC V8V 3Z6
Phone: 250-386-4116,
Fax 250-386-4122
E-mail: cookstmw@gmail.com
Website: www.cookstmidwives.com
Midwives: Amy Brownhill, Ashley Kruse, Brandi Wasyluk, Tobi Reid
Serving: Victoria and area

Dandelion Midwifery

Address: C1 – 7159 West Saanich Rd, Brentwood Bay, BC V8M 1P7
Phone: 778-351-4441
Fax: 778-351-4442
E-mail: dandelionmidwifery@gmail.com
Website: dandelionmidwifery.com
Midwives: Joanna Webber, Carrie Ellert, Sarah Stone
Serving: Saanich Peninsula and the Gulf Islands

Earthside Birth

Address: 1-481 Head Street, Esquimalt, BC V9A 5S1
Phone: 250-410-3331
Fax: 250-410-3311
E-mail: info@earthsidebirth.ca
Website: www.earthsidebirth.ca
Midwives: Emily Baxter, Devi Garner, Ali Spry, Michaela Smith
Serving: Victoria and area

Infant Feeding Consultation

Rowan K. McNiven Gladman
Website: rowankatiemcniven.ca
Email: rowanmcniven.ibclc@gmail.com
Fax: 877-640-4417

RoseHips Midwifery

Address: TBC
Phone: 778-400-3073
Fax: 833-203-8023
E-mail: info@rosehipsmidwifery.ca
Website: www.rosehipsmidwifery.ca
Midwives: Maghan Campbell, Adrienne Carruthers, Rebecca Geddes, Rowan Katie McNiven Gladman, Claire Wakefield, Melanie Mason
Serving: Victoria, View Royal, Langford, Saanich

Roundhouse Midwives

Address: 1506 Burnside Ave W, Victoria, BC V8E 2E2
Phone: 250-800-0909
Fax: 250-800-1608
E-mail: admin@roundhousemidwives.com
Website: www.roundhousemidwives.com
Midwives:Lauren MacHattie, Natalie Hicken, Mary Kenwood (until June 30 2021), Sarah Stone (July 2021-22)
Serving: Victoria, View Royal, Langford, Saanich

Salt Spring Midwives – Salt Spring Island

Address: Madrona Integrative Health Centre, 1-105 Rainbow Road, Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 2V5
Main: 250-931-1334
Office: 250-410-1777
Fax: 855-492-1642
On-Call Pager: 250-413-8427
E-mail: info@saltspringmidwives.com
Website: saltspringmidwives.com
Midwives: Crystal Childs, Taylor Alexander
Serving: Salt Spring Island and Gulf Islands

Sooke Midwifery

Address: 2050B Townsend Road, Sooke, BC V9Z 0H2
Phone: 778-425-0780,
Fax: 778-425-0781
E-mail: utaherold@yahoo.ca
Website: www.sookemidwifery.com
Midwives: Julie Bowser RM, Norah Macy RM, Uta Herold RM
Serving: Sooke and area

Steller’s Jay Midwifery

Fax: 778-698-3988
E-mail: stellersjaymidwifery@gmail.com
Midwife: Chris Moreau, RM (Currently on a Leave of Absence)

Serving Greater Victoria &

the southern Gulf Islands